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Monday, July 17, 2006

10 points to the first person to email me with the racial-slur-inspired term Jeremy invented to describe someone who was half-Japanese, half-Jewish.

My friend Jeremy got the short end of the Holocaust stick. Half-Japanese and half-Jewish, Jeremy lost a good portion of his extended family a full generation before he was even born. But genocide/atom bombs aside, Jeremy was still well-connected to his heritage.

The summer after our freshman year Jeremy and I shared an apartment in D.C. Since we'd both lived in the dorms, this was really the first opportunity any of us had to fend for ourselves in the kitchen - so it quickly became a habit of the Harvard kids in the area to convene in each other's apartments to cook and share dinner.

One night a mutual friend was inspired to come over to prepare for us seared salmon with apples and creme fraiche. And by seared I mean raw. And by raw I mean non-sushi grade, raw salmon.

New to the whole fish thing in general, but still experienced to know that there's a difference between shashimi and fish sticks, I was a little nervous when my entree came out. I asked the mutual friend to cook mine a little more.

Jeremy would have nothing of it. "My people have been eating raw salmon for thousands of years!" And with that, he grabbed his spoon, picked up the yet-to-be-seared raw salmon (still in the styrofoam tray), scooped up about a third of the meat, and popped it into his mouth.

"Now that's a nice piece of fish."


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