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Sunday, June 18, 2006

For the birds.

The other day I was walking to work, and as I looked down at the sidewalk to stare at my feet (my usual posture), I noticed a tiny female sparrow hopping along beside me.

-"Hey, SEA," she chirped. "I see you're wearing a suit. You're not seriously going to work today, are you?"
-"Why shouldn't I be? They pay me well, they treat me like royalty, and they're going to teach me how to be a really good lawyer. What's not to love?" I blinked back, bewildered.
-"Well, for one, that skirt is obviously too tight on you. Working at a firm doesn't seem to fit you much better. Also, it's beautiful outside. Look at that sky! Do you honestly prefer staring at a computer screen all day? A computer screen of death?"
-[Stunned, I stopped in my tracks. I stood, for a moment, in silence.]
-"Come, fly with me. All you have to do is turn left at the intersection instead of right. Be an artist. Read novels. Live at home. Stay a child at heart. You already act like a four year old most of the time anyway."

I looked at her, she stared back at me, and she walked along next to me for a good ten paces before she flew off, exacerbated. I took the next right.


Blogger Ivy Dillinger said...

Birds talk to me too. Just like that. I swear.

Your brain is tasty.

4:45 PM


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