My name is Self-Appointed Expert, and this is my blog. It is part memoir, mostly fiction, and above all just trying to be funny. Some of is based on stuff that happened to me, some is based on stuff that happened to people I know, and a good deal is just entirely made up. So, if you find yourself offended, just remember - it's a joke. When you give me that look, it's a joke. Consider it my homage to the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, A Million Little Pieces, John Hodgman, and Christopher Guest.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Widen-her? I barely know her!

[Scene: Lamont Library, afternoon, crowded, mid-finals preparation time.]

[A bookish young man sitting at a study carrol starts to gather his books.]

[A beautiful woman in a stunning white spring coat approaches.]

Woman: Are you leaving? [Flips long brown hair.]

Boy: What?

Woman: [Flips hair again.] Are you leaving? [Gestures to the study carrol.]

Boy: [Huge sleepy grin, like he's known her forever, which he clearly hasn't.] [Pause.] [Smiles again.] Oh. Yeah. Thanks. Bye. [Exit right, still grinning.]



Blogger Joe said...

Don't be coy, we know this story is about you. You're totally that Boy.

8:37 PM


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